Stupid Grammar

So I'm a HORRIBLE writer!!! I think I have good topics and such, but my grammar and way of writing just sucks!! As I write this blog, I'm afraid that I might have a million grammar issues already. Most of my professor's have commented on my writing, they all say I'm smart, but my grammar is just appalling. I have to do something about this. How am I supposed to be an amazing history major but have crappy writing? I can't wait to take my Writing about Literature next semester, I will have the most amazing English professor, Dr. Elmore, and I really hope that she can help me. I will totally go to tutoring or another class just to be better. It really hurts my grades especially in my honors classes and history classes. Anyway, I just want to ask you guys, my faithful readers, to correct my grammar in these blogs! I am disgusted and I am incredibly sad that I had no idea my grammar was bad. And to give some moral to this story, sometimes when were surrounded by the same people we won't notice our mistakes, but as we branch out to unknown territories like college, our mistakes are noticed and we just need to hope that someone will tell us our mistakes so we can correct them or learn from them. I'm outs.


Dawn said...

My best advice would be to buy a primary school English textbook. They will teach you all you need to know. :)

David Michael said...

Sorry, I don't know you... but I just wanted to say you're not a horrible writer. You're just an average one. The average blogger has horrendous grammar; yours is actually better than some. All that I've seen so far is a few misplaced apostrophes and commas. Your last one was just missing a bunch of commas.

stephsousa said...

Thanks, but my professors think differently.