I need an answer

Don't know if the questions I have are what God wants me to ask so I can be closer to Him... Like if I ask certain questions people will think that I'm questioning God in a bad way, or questioning my beliefs. I'm really not trying to do that. I sometimes wish I just had blind faith and never cared for reason, but I want concrete things, which is weird because I am so abstract at times. Well I'm bringing this question out and hopefully someone can help me.
Are miracles really from God or is it just something science can not explain as of yet? And if it is scientific, is God really working in our lives? Is God really true and out there?
I know that there had to be a greater being to create this entire universe, but it sometimes doesn't seem logical, I might be becoming diest... Ahhh sorry if this begins to trouble you, I just want answers. I'm outs