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Don't know if the questions I have are what God wants me to ask so I can be closer to Him... Like if I ask certain questions people will think that I'm questioning God in a bad way, or questioning my beliefs. I'm really not trying to do that. I sometimes wish I just had blind faith and never cared for reason, but I want concrete things, which is weird because I am so abstract at times. Well I'm bringing this question out and hopefully someone can help me.
Are miracles really from God or is it just something science can not explain as of yet? And if it is scientific, is God really working in our lives? Is God really true and out there?
I know that there had to be a greater being to create this entire universe, but it sometimes doesn't seem logical, I might be becoming diest... Ahhh sorry if this begins to trouble you, I just want answers. I'm outs


Miguel Benitez Jr said...

Hey Steph!

This is a very interesting post! I'd like to thank you for your honesty with all of your blog readers. I would also like to encourage you never to fear what people might think when it comes to questions dealing with God or Christianity. As Christians we are to know what we believe but also WHY we believe it. And the "blind faith" you wish you had sometimes, well, that just isn't biblical so be glad that you don't have that.

Ok so you asked 3 big questions that I have dealt with before and so I will do my best to try and offer an answer to them briefly. As always with questions like these people have written entire books on these topics and therefore I can't give you that kind of detail in this posting but if you have questions about my responses definately lets work through them. So here I go...

1. "Are miracles really from God or is it just something science can not explain as of yet?"

First, I think we need to get a working definition of Miracles. Let's use Norman Geisler's definition that I think we can both agree with. He defines miracles as "a special act of God that interrupts the natural course of events."

Ok according to that definition then, the question is not "are miracles really from God?" because by definition they are but rather "Do miracles exist?" This is a very valid question. By your own admission "there had to be a greater being to create this entire universe". This in itself is a miracle. From nothing, nothing comes. Therefore it would take a miracle in order to bring the universe into being. Now you say "sometimes it doesn't seem logical" and I want to know why? What is illogical about a universe that came into being having a creator?

I think the creation of the universe is one example of a miracle. I'd say another miracle that has overwhelming evidence is the resurrection of Jesus. Being that you are a history major at a Christian school I'd be very surprised if you had yet to hear a good historical case for the resurrection of Jesus. If not lets talk about this because the evidence is quite convincing.

So, we have two miracles that we know have taken place which means yes, miracles do exist.

2. "Is God really working in our lives?"

I would say everything in Christianity revolves around one thing... the resurrection of Christ. In fact Paul says if Jesus has not been raised from the dead our faith is pointless (1 Corinthians 15:17). However, if Jesus was raised from the dead it is evidence that he really is who he claimed to be and therefore we have REASON (not blind faith) to believe that what he said and taught is true. The fact that God sent His own son to come and be a man and walk among humans for 33 years, shows that God is active in what takes place here on earth.

3. "Is God really true and out there?"

Absolutely! Here are 4 points that I think overwhelmingly suggest God does exist:
1. God is the best explanation for the origin of the universe.
2. God is the best explanation for the fine tuning of the universe.
3. God is the best explanation for the existance of objective moral truth.
4. God is the best explanation for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Bottom line Steph, either Jesus really was raised from the dead and we have hope in him and have reason to believe the rest or he didn't and the whole thing needs to be thrown out. Therefore, have you investigated (key word!) the claims of Jesus Christ?

One last note dealing with Deism. This is an interesting, the idea of a god who created the universe and has no interaction with his creation. Does that seem logical? Also, wouldn't the fact that you know he exists and the fact that you know it's a deistic kind of god suggest that there are things we can know about him?

Seems to me like all three of your questions can be answered by the resurrection of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

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