Schindler's List

A very long movie, I've got to say. People have cried and this movie has changed people. With me, I'm an observer of history, I wanted to cry, but I didn't, it has made me think, but it has not changed me. If you have not watched this movie, you should. It brings you a whole different view of the Holocaust, but not of WWII. I have yet to see a movie where someone portrays the life of a Jew that lived through the Holocaust and died in the middle of it. I'm not one to like to see people die, but I have yet to see one. There's the Pianist where you see the life of a Jew that is in hiding; then there's Anne Frank, but she was in hiding, not actually being put to work; and you have Schindler's list, the life of a factory worker and business owner. These are all very noble movies, but it is shielding us from death, an unjustifiable death of the Holocaust.
Another point I wanted to make, a more sympathetic view, by the end of the movie Schindler has to go on the run, the war is over and he is now a criminal, I won't say why for those who have not watched the movie, but what he says is heart wrenching. He says I have wasted so much money. He points to the car and said he could have sold it and save 10 more Jews, he takes off his pin and says he could have saved one more Jew if he sold it. He starts bawling because he could have saved more lives, but didn't. If you incorporate this with the Christian life, how are we helping to save one more for Christ. He already helped save many, but he was thinking about that one more person. ONE MORE PERSON!!!
What is stopping us? What is hindering us from help saving one more person?



Up and down
Right to left,
the world has no bounds,
there is no finite.
Creation, Greeks, Romans,
Painting, music, and war
the beginnings of no boundaries.
Death, loss, and destruction
It is not the end,
but a new beginning.

Tis a sin to keep
your thoughts to yourself,
you keep the world in the dark,
you have sinned against the world.

By Stephanie Sousa


Pencil vs. Pen

Random topic, I know, but wait one second before you decide to not read this.
I love to use pencils, I can erase what i wrote and fix mistakes without a scribble on the paper. Pens are so permanent and if you make a mistake the whole world can see it.
But as I go into depth about this I wonder about all the mistakes I have done in life, sometimes I wish I could erase it and no one will see the mistake. It was never there. But we all know that this can't happen.
God can forgive sins, but it doesn't mean that we didn't commit those sins. All we can do is move on. We scribble that section away, but as Christians we try not to make the same mistake twice. I know that I hate scribbles on my paper. But I know that I make mistakes, it just kind of happens...
I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we all make mistakes, the world will see it, but we have a choice, we can leave the mistake there and move on letting people see us as fools or scribble it, fix it, and move on being seen as wise. I'm not saying that those who leave the mistake are fools, they might not see it, I guess thats why there is always editors.
This might be quite confusing, but think about writers. They write a book, but it doesn't mean it goes to publishing right away, it first goes to the editors to check for errors. No one is perfect, except for the only one who never had to be edited, Jesus Christ. I hope you guys are having a happy Holy week. God Bless you all. I'm out.



I thought I was over divorce. I thought I was used to it, but I'm not. My Father and step-mother are divorcing and I didn't know how much it hurts. I can still go on with my life like nothing is happening, but I think it'll hit hard when the papers are signed and it becomes official. Their fighting is unbearable and I can't stay in the same room when their both together. I feel all the tension. And then I can't help to think about my brother, he's only a year old. My dad is moving to Brazil, my step mom is staying in Florida and my brother will be stuck in the middle. I wish I could explain this dread I have upon my heart, but it wouldn't help the situation.

Books and papers,
work and school
feelings and reason;
This does not mean anything.
Me and you,
here and right now,
tomorrow and forever;
does this not mean anything?
Postcards and letters,
closeness and space,
love and sex;
That happened, did it not?
Arguments and discussion
Compare and Contrast,
strengths and weaknesses;
We are still one.

by Steph Sousa


God sees worth in me and you!

I sometimes wished I were more focused. Then I would remember that by God's grace, He loves me. Today in chapel was one of those times where I just bowed by head like the tax collector that Jesus uses in a parable where he was outside the temple and asking God to forgive a tax collector like him. I lie, I'm selfish, I'm prideful, I do things that God only knows, but through all that God sees worth in me. Whenever I remember and focus on the fact that God is so great, I feel humble and just drop my head because He deserves all the glory not me.
About two weeks ago I went to TNL and the lyrics to the music just spoke to me. I just sat down, put my head down, and raised my hands to praise him and I cried my eyes out. God is so good and so great and I just forget. I think we all forget sometimes. I think thats why the early church prospered, they were always together encouraging, reminding each other of God's grace and love. I think we should go back to that. But I don't mean keep other people out because the early church also prospered because they went to the Gentiles and the Jewish nonbelievers. I think we should keep a tight unit but remind ourselves that God has room in his arms for everyone and we shouldn't stop telling the world. Like Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale slogan goes, "Until the Whole World Hears."
We are saved by God's grace and we should boast in Him alone.
Stay focused on the prize.


Answer: Why Does God love us?

I wrote a blog, "Why does God love us?" Well I think I finally figured out the answer. I was just working and I asked the question to myself why do I love people? No one does anything for me, like some people do, but I love my sister and she doesn't do crap for me, so why do i love her? I guess I just do. She's my sister. If I have a kid, no matter what they do, I'll still love them. So my best answer on why God love us? is the fact that He just does. We are his creation, his children.
With the idea of Him giving up His own life for a way to come back to him, I think is beautiful. It's a Father giving up His life so that His children can have a better life. It's our choice to not have his death in vain by giving up ourselves to His will or we forget His death and live our own lives, for the worse.
So what I do is put away all pride because I am worthless (not in a bad sense) but God has seen worth in me.

I recommend everyone, even nonchristians, to read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, he puts Christianity in words that makes a lot more sense rather than complication.