God sees worth in me and you!

I sometimes wished I were more focused. Then I would remember that by God's grace, He loves me. Today in chapel was one of those times where I just bowed by head like the tax collector that Jesus uses in a parable where he was outside the temple and asking God to forgive a tax collector like him. I lie, I'm selfish, I'm prideful, I do things that God only knows, but through all that God sees worth in me. Whenever I remember and focus on the fact that God is so great, I feel humble and just drop my head because He deserves all the glory not me.
About two weeks ago I went to TNL and the lyrics to the music just spoke to me. I just sat down, put my head down, and raised my hands to praise him and I cried my eyes out. God is so good and so great and I just forget. I think we all forget sometimes. I think thats why the early church prospered, they were always together encouraging, reminding each other of God's grace and love. I think we should go back to that. But I don't mean keep other people out because the early church also prospered because they went to the Gentiles and the Jewish nonbelievers. I think we should keep a tight unit but remind ourselves that God has room in his arms for everyone and we shouldn't stop telling the world. Like Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale slogan goes, "Until the Whole World Hears."
We are saved by God's grace and we should boast in Him alone.
Stay focused on the prize.

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