I thought I was over divorce. I thought I was used to it, but I'm not. My Father and step-mother are divorcing and I didn't know how much it hurts. I can still go on with my life like nothing is happening, but I think it'll hit hard when the papers are signed and it becomes official. Their fighting is unbearable and I can't stay in the same room when their both together. I feel all the tension. And then I can't help to think about my brother, he's only a year old. My dad is moving to Brazil, my step mom is staying in Florida and my brother will be stuck in the middle. I wish I could explain this dread I have upon my heart, but it wouldn't help the situation.

Books and papers,
work and school
feelings and reason;
This does not mean anything.
Me and you,
here and right now,
tomorrow and forever;
does this not mean anything?
Postcards and letters,
closeness and space,
love and sex;
That happened, did it not?
Arguments and discussion
Compare and Contrast,
strengths and weaknesses;
We are still one.

by Steph Sousa

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Anne Marie said...

i'm so sorry. i can't imagine how hard this must be for everyone involved. i'm praying for you and your family.