Answer: Why Does God love us?

I wrote a blog, "Why does God love us?" Well I think I finally figured out the answer. I was just working and I asked the question to myself why do I love people? No one does anything for me, like some people do, but I love my sister and she doesn't do crap for me, so why do i love her? I guess I just do. She's my sister. If I have a kid, no matter what they do, I'll still love them. So my best answer on why God love us? is the fact that He just does. We are his creation, his children.
With the idea of Him giving up His own life for a way to come back to him, I think is beautiful. It's a Father giving up His life so that His children can have a better life. It's our choice to not have his death in vain by giving up ourselves to His will or we forget His death and live our own lives, for the worse.
So what I do is put away all pride because I am worthless (not in a bad sense) but God has seen worth in me.

I recommend everyone, even nonchristians, to read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, he puts Christianity in words that makes a lot more sense rather than complication.

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