RA to Night of Prayer

Well I am not an RA, kind of a bummer, but I kind of figured that I wouldn't get it because I haven't lived on campus and that's fine, I'll just try next year. But I am now helping with Welcome week, I am so excited. This will be a great experience.
Anyway, the other day at work, the assistant manager at my job asked me what my major was and I told him History. He asked what I was going to do with it, and I told him nothing, he laughed and I just kept serious and he asked "then why are you in college?" I told him I loved history, but I plan to be a missionary. I'll be going to seminary school after I get my bachelor's degree and then from there go where God wants me to go.
My boss does not believe in Christ and he tells me this story about this dude on his campus who just keeps telling him that he's going to hell and so on and so forth. My boss said that that dude is the reason why he doesn't want to become a Christian, he doesn't want to condemn people. I asked him, how about me? And he's like your not the reason, which goes to show that I try to convert with love and patience while the other dude isn't even trying to show the love of Jesus, he is just condemning. John 3:17 says, "For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."
Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, if you guys need any prayer comment or call me, Night of Prayer is tomorrow night at my school and I plan to be there most of the night, s share so i could pray for you. Anyway I'm out.

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