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So I applied to be an RA, and I had the interview this past weekend. I wasn't all that nervous until the morning of the single interview. The group interview was quite relaxing, but kind of annoying. I liked working in a group, but at the end when we had to answer questions, everyone else just spit out what they wanted to say. I used to do that and I didn't see how annoying that could be. I actually like taking the time and thinking about the question and give an in depth thought now. The last activity I did with my group, I didn't get to get a word in until the end. Everyone spoke what they needed to say, but I got to go in deeper at the end, which was quite good.
The single interview was totally nerve wrecking. The night before the interview I went out, bad idea, and hung out with friends, we went to the beach, coffee house and hung out in Julie's room. So I basically went to sleep at 2am to wake up at 9am, but Julie woke up early for workship at 7am and I woke up. I ate breakfast and then headed to my interview. My heart was beating so fast. I am so glad that my first interview was with Susie and Andrew, they made me feel more relaxed and were very patient with me. The second interview I got through, since my first interview went so great I was just relaxed and my nerves were gone. I think it was a pretty good interiew.
Right now I want the results, am I going to be an RA or not? If I get it, then that would be great, but if I don't then thats okay too. It is all in God's plan. I got the chance to practice at controlling my feelings for being rejected. This past year I've been rejected from schools, trips, even people, and I have just gotten over it. I am not going to be accepted by everyone, and I have now understood that God has a plan. Proverbs 21:30 says, "There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD." Amen for that.

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Anne Marie said...

how cool! I hope you get it :) I'm in a bit of a waiting period, too, right now. I've applied to seminary, and should hear back in a couple of weeks. Hooray! Either way, right? Thanks for sharing your great attitude. It's encouraging - albeit I struggle to have the same attitude.