Love the LORD

Chapel today was interesting. Like Music kind of was on the bad side, but no biggie. The thing that really got me was one thing the speaker for today talked about, he was praying and he said, "let us not see You as something interesting, but as someone we love." I never heard someone say that. I think that's my downfall. I get so caught up with history or the miraculous things Jesus and the disciples did, that I forget what Jesus did for me out of love and how I shouldn't just gawk at the stuff they have done, but actually love God with everything that I have.
It's not an old concept, but it’s something I guess I didn't realize until today. Love the Lord with all your life, and that doesn't mean to just be in awe of everything He has done, but actually love him and make our lives a living sacrifice.
So love the LORD with everything you have.

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