Schindler's List

A very long movie, I've got to say. People have cried and this movie has changed people. With me, I'm an observer of history, I wanted to cry, but I didn't, it has made me think, but it has not changed me. If you have not watched this movie, you should. It brings you a whole different view of the Holocaust, but not of WWII. I have yet to see a movie where someone portrays the life of a Jew that lived through the Holocaust and died in the middle of it. I'm not one to like to see people die, but I have yet to see one. There's the Pianist where you see the life of a Jew that is in hiding; then there's Anne Frank, but she was in hiding, not actually being put to work; and you have Schindler's list, the life of a factory worker and business owner. These are all very noble movies, but it is shielding us from death, an unjustifiable death of the Holocaust.
Another point I wanted to make, a more sympathetic view, by the end of the movie Schindler has to go on the run, the war is over and he is now a criminal, I won't say why for those who have not watched the movie, but what he says is heart wrenching. He says I have wasted so much money. He points to the car and said he could have sold it and save 10 more Jews, he takes off his pin and says he could have saved one more Jew if he sold it. He starts bawling because he could have saved more lives, but didn't. If you incorporate this with the Christian life, how are we helping to save one more for Christ. He already helped save many, but he was thinking about that one more person. ONE MORE PERSON!!!
What is stopping us? What is hindering us from help saving one more person?

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