So I'm writing a ten page paper, but I thought I should take a break and write something that came to mind. Well I'm writing a paper on Native American values and how they are similar to Christian values. I found a lot of good stuff, anyway I'm reading on the history of missionaries coming from Europe to the New World and its funny how the Indians embraced the new religion and some Indians embraced it so well that they wanted to become priests for their own people. Instead of concentrating more on the Indians I concentrated more on the missionaries work and I realized that some missionaries make their mission place their home. God told us that we should go to the ends of the earth to preach the Good News, but the end of the world has been reached (except for some tribes in the Amazon that have probably not been found yet). I'm realizing more and more that the ends of the earth for me is right here, where I am right now, in my city. This is my home, this is my mission field, I don't need to go to another country or wutevs because sooner or later it will also become my home.
Side note, God told us we should not be like the world, meaning that this earth is not my home, so doesn't that mean that the ends of the earth is everywhere I go to?
Sorry this might sound all like a blabber so if it does don't be afraid to ask me what I mean because I know I don't make sense at times.
I'm outs.

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