My indifference

Coming into the bedroom and I find my roommate on the floor, crying. However, it is not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. I know this might sound crazy, but she said Jesus was just in this room. Any person would be a skeptic and look at her weird, but you should see her face and you should feel the room, the room is peaceful.
It made me think about Jesus (of course) and my relationship with Him. I don't need to feel Jesus' presence to know He is real. I don't need a big miracle. I know He's real. However, I've noticed I've become indifferent. I've become indifferent about what God wants me to do. I should be reading my Bible more and I should be praying more, but its not that I have to do those things, I just don't want to do those things. Like I've said, I have become indifferent.
Like I'm waiting on His promise, I'm waiting for Him to move, but I forgot one important thing that I learned in high school, when He's not moving He wants me to do some moving. I remember a hurricane/tropical storm (I don't remember what) coming through and I felt so useless. I had just come back from a missions trip and I felt like God wasn't using me. Until I came to the realization that God has stuff for me to do. So I went outside and started cleaning up my neighbors drive threw since she was old. Those small things are what needed to be done.
Another thing that came to mind was my uncleaniness (I know not a word). I don't mean that I'm dirty and disgusting. God would smack me in the face if I said that, lol. However, the amount of garbage that goes through my head daily, its not something I would like to share with people and remembering that God is in our very presence ALL the time and He still love us... its amazing and I've just become indifferent. If you feel like your in the same place, at least know your not the only one. I'm outs

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