Health care

Everyone seems as though they are completely against the Health Care plan that President Obama is going to pass along through Congress. I can see why some people are against it. Doctors and nurses will be getting a regular rate pay as every other doctor and it does not encourage doctors to do their very best job. I see that and it makes me feel as though doctors are completely in it for the money! I totally know it’s not like that, but it seems that it’s only for the cash if the American people have that mind set.
Anyway, the health care is supposed to provide every American citizen with health care, but I have a different idea that maybe Congress has already thought of, but they should rethink it again. I propose that free health care should be free for every minor and if they want to move into higher education then it will be extended. Plus, if the student goes into grad school then it be extended. I’m sure it would push students to finish schooling and we would have a better educated society. Health care shouldn’t be a factor for students to finish college up, but when those 20’s push in and we find out about all the problems that we have it would be great if I have health care. I’ve been to the hospital already twice this year (2009) and if it wasn’t for the insurance I’m under with my mother I would have to pay for it with my own money! I have no money! And I’ll be going to grad school soon and I’m afraid that my mother’s insurance won’t cover for me. What am I supposed to do? I’m just saying that this would relieve a lot of stress that I wouldn’t need if I had free health care. I just don’t feel comfortable giving free health care for those citizens that really don’t work hard in this country. Yeah there are circumstances that occur, but if anyone works hard during tough times, they truly should gain the benefit of their hard work!
I would also push to give free schooling for higher education, but I think that would be too much for the administration to push for the time being.
Anyway, I have spoken my peace. I’m outs

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