So I'm not the biggest fan of traditional music. Give me some rock, a great drummer and a great guitarist and I'll be happy. Well when I had started college, I had the chance to find a friend, Ivan, from back home, Miami. Well he invited me to go to chapel with him and I was like sure, but he went to Thursday chapel, traditional church style. After that chapel, I was somewhat upset, I didn't like the music. Ivan and I talked about it after chapel. He told me that it is more on God's glorification rather than our love for God. Traditional music seeks to glorify God and not just write a song where one can put their girlfriend's name in the song instead of God's. I contemplated upon this, but i kind of let it go. I like my rock, fast-paced music.
Well my second semester the band was with new faces and new music. The "worship leader," if one can call it that, kept playing contemporary hymns. Usually slow and more guitar. I was kind of upset at this new change. But whatever, I usually can move on. But as time progressed, my anger grew. Late in the semester, I was finally asked to write an argument paper for my Composition class. I wrote on church entertainment. Well during the process of writing the paper, I went to the school pastor to ask him a few questions. As I listened to his thoughts on church entertainment, he discussed the topic of music and how its been for entertainment than really the glorification of God. I contemplated on his thought and moved on to listen to what more he had to say about the topic of church entertainment. Well after I had the interview, I kept thinking about what he said.
Ivan was/is correct. I still can't really get into the really traditional music with the old hymns and stuff, but I am totally more into the contemporary hymns today. It's not about me feeling good after singing, but worshiping God, usually the feeling good does come, but we should still glorify God even when we don't want to. I'm not saying there aren't contemporary music that glorifies God, but its rare.
What do you think? I'm outs


Anne Marie said...

you should check out Keith & Kristyn Getty. They write hymns for our generation overloaded with redundant, theologically-backwards songs. I love these hymns! www.gettymusic.com

Ivan said...

Well, Steph, when I saw my name appear on this post I was a bit surprised. Let me see if I can clarify just a bit what I think. I'm not the sort of person who says "only hymns." I mean, I love CCM; just look at my iTunes. The only thing that I observe is that CCM seems to be more and more concerned with style and sound than words. While I love good music, I would love to see good style complemented with sound and Bible-centered lyrics which expound the truth of God and salvation and all that. And I do see it. I'm not sure who Anne Marie is but she pointed out a great couple (Keith and Kristyn Getty) who write beautiful modern songs which have a feel of the old days. They have awesome music.

Also, I think many in our day simply confuse their preferences with worship. Worship is not about us; rather, it's all about God. I can worship in First Baptist or in Monday chapel or at my church in Jupiter which is somewhat traditional and even a highly liturgical Presbyterian church. Why? Because I cast my preferences aside and come together with God's redeemed people and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He's just worthy.

Well, thanks for this. I'll be gone for 8 days for the wedding in New England. Talk to you soon. I'm sorry I haven't called you back. I just forgot.