Do you want to know what I struggle with?

We all have these different struggles in our lives be it cussing, pornography, trust, sex before marriage whatever it may be. I think what I struggle with the most is actually being a Christian. Not that I don't believe in God or what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross, I truly believe in God and His magnificent works, but the world seems so eager to please me.
Before I even started college, life was good to me, God blessed me in many different ways that I didn't see it necessary or even want to give in to the world. I did the most dumbest thing when I started college, I let my guard down. That armor we're supposed to be wearing I saw it too heavy to carry and dropped some really important things that I need. Ephesians 6:10-18.
I dropped my guard and now I have to pick myself back up again. Pick up my armor. It's heavy, I'm not going to lie, but I have to look forward to the prize and I think I lost sight of that. I became proud and thanked God for giving me so many blessings when i should have been humble. Kind of like King David. He defeated so many countries that when the War of Kings came along he was too proud to go. And there goes his guard, it drops, and he commits adultery.
I was setting up Risk just the other day and the board was backwards to me, I was on top of the world. And a thought occurred to me, when I'm on top of the world you see everything backwards, if your at the bottom you see everything right side up. "Wow sounds so theological", but its not, its true. It does look nice in the valley for a reason with all the life and trees surrounding, the streams surrounding, it seems logical that life happens and grows at the bottom. I hope this was some food for thought. Sorry for not blogging enough this month.
And just to be a reminder that this is for all God's glory so please don't praise me for my writing, its nice, but I wouldn't be writing if it wasn't for God and His awesomeness and His goodness and holiness and everything that He is. I'm outs.

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