Sex before marriage?

So I've been asking different types, kinds of people their opinion about sex before marriage. Some people say to wait till you do get married, some people say that the bible is in the past and some of the things are irrelevant, some people say if you love them might as well do it, and some people say do whatever you want.
Well to those who say do whatever you want do not think about the consequences.
Those who say if you love them might as well do it, well what does love really mean to you? Is it just someone that you trust or someone you see your life going somewhere with? If its someone that you trust, thats good, but it needs to go beyond trust. If you see your life going somewhere with that person then might as well wait just in case something does occur that obscures it.
Those who say that the bible is irrelevant today are being dumb. The things God says are not stuck in a time period. He is omnipresent, He does not live in the world of time, John 1:1 says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." So if the Bible is irrelevant that means that God is irrelevant and He is not, He is what keeps us together, keeps us living, keeps the universe from falling apart.
For those who say just wait till marriage have a point. Once someone has sex they have that intimacy that should be kept in a marriage. They become one body.
So for those Christians who are questioning about having sex before marriage, don't do it. God said it for a reason, He wants us to live peaceful, fulfilling lives for Him and why shouldn't we? He gave up His life for us so that we may be with Him forever. Anyway, I'm outs

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Anonymous said...

See, my stance on sex before marriage is this: The bible says "Avoid sexual immortality." It's important to remember the context of when the letter was written and who it was written to, as this is mainly highlighted in the New Testament (for example, in the Old Testament concubines were perfectly acceptable before God, as were multiple wives). "Sexual immorality" is defined in Leviticus 18, which is what Paul would have been referring to. So in my eyes, sex is a gift from God that he doesn't want to see abused, but it isn't necessarily bound to marriage.

Just my thoughts on the subject. :)