Day to Day faith part dos

So I love how after I read something and think about it, God loves to test me on it, and when I mean God tests me, I mean gives me opportunities to practice what I've learned. Anyway, I wrote in my last post how Abraham had day to day faith. He finally understood what it meant to have day to day faith in God after the experience he had to go through with his son. Well in high school I remember I had to make a choice between marching band and a missions trip my junior year, which ultimately meant that if I went on the missions trip I would ultimately lose my friends in school. I was pretty okay with it, God has bigger plans, but I never expected to go through a similar situation in college, at a Christian school. Of course its not the same thing, but now I understand that when you do the right thing people won't understand why and you have to daily live by faith that God will provide for you in everything, not just in my future, but in my daily activities. Well this probably makes no sense to you, my reader, so I'm outs.

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