I am some things, I can be many things, I desire to be many things, I will be many things. How do we remember what God wants us to be, what he gave us, what he desires for us? I'm as forgetful as a fish sometimes, and I lose focus, and then instead of staying straight on the path, I swerve right and I swerve left. A friend of mine Carmen showed me a good way of remembering everyday, she said to write down what you are, "I am"; write down what you could do, "I can"; write down what you desire, "I desire"; and write down what you will be, "I will". Then post it in your bathroom window.

I am Stephanie Sousa
I am passionate
I desire to focus
I can be patient
I will try harder
I am prideful
I desire honesty
I am enthusiastic
I will be responsible
I am in need of discipline
I am God's daughter
I can choose right from wrong
I desire to be whole
I desire to be a leader
I will be strong
I can decide
I am organized
I desire to live life to the fullest.

You don't have to have a full list right away, a lot of these things that I wrote down took me time to think about, I first hd a list and then I added to the list overtime. This list is still not the final draft, you can still add, or you can even change it from "I can" to "I am". My hope is for you to grow and see the growth.

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