Passion: do you need it for work?

Being a college student, a lot of things go through my mind. One thing that's been on my mind lately is majors. I understand that my major is History, I need to know and remember a lot of things, but does a degree set my future?
There's a lot of competition in the field lately, and I wonder if my degree is good enough to compete with other historians going into the field. Not that I'm going to be a historian, but it is my back up.
Anyway, beside the point, I don't think a degree is all that makes you qualified, you need the degree, you need recommendation, you need an internship, and most importantly you need passion. Passion I give the biggest emphasis because without it, you won't do the best job, you'll do only what your qualified to do, not more.
I want to be a missionary and I can't help think of doing anything else because I am passionate about it. I want to learn more about the bible and I especially want to share it with those who have questions, and share it with just everyone. I can't see myself doing anything else.
So how about you? Are you doing what your passionate about, taking that extra mile or are you just going through it? Do what God gifted you with, I can't imagine a world where there was no passion.

Where is your passion?

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