Your philosophy in life

I want to keep writing about philosophy.
It seems that whatever we live out is our philosophy.
Paul writes to lead a quiet life, mind your own business, and to work with your hands.
Why would he write this to the church in Thessalonica? They were imitationg God like it says in Ephesians 5:1-2. They were right on the ball. Yet he asks them to make it their ambition.
Have you ever been discouraged and then you happen to fall back into your old habits? Well this is exactly what Paul is trying to not let happen. Throughout the whole book he is just encouraging them, telling them their in his prayers, how good an example they are being to the cities around them. He wants them to keep living out their lives for Christ.
Your Philosophy of life is the way you portray how people should be or how you should be, but sometimes it gets tiring to keep that philosophy going through in your own life. Without some encouragement its gets harder and harder to live your life the way it should be.
So I encourage you to write down your philosophy, take your time on it, and then once you have that ask a friend to do the same and then just encourage each other to live it out.
I'm not saying that you should follow Paul's advice, it was written for the church of Thessalonica, but have a philosophy that is pleasing to God.

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