My Sister

Well I've decided to use this blog to make people think rather than talk about me. My life is boring anyway. The last two blogs are all about making you think and I hope you guys read them and the ones to come, but before I turn in the towel about talking about myself I wanted to write one more thing and that'll be it.
As only some of you know my family has been going through some changes. The biggest thing would have to be my sister. She lives in central Florida now at a place called Teen Challenge. I thought coming to college and leaving Miami would make me releived to leave my sister, she was just a pain in my butt a lot of the time, but lately she's all i think about. I went to a concert called Wayfest this past weekend and for some reason I wanted my sister just next to me enjoying it with me. There was a speaker and I was kind of hoping she was there because he was moving in an emotional and spiritual sense. I wanted to be holding her hand like sisters would. I miss her terribly, I have no idea how much i could stress over it. I've been feeling like I've been wanting to cry, even more, hold her and cry with her. My cousin said that I'm beginning to lover her, no I've always loved her, but in a sisterly way. Now I love her in a more sisterly intimate way and an unconditional love, agape.
The thing is only about 3-4 people will read this and I will still be left stressful thinking about her. I've been going to the gym, running, trying to busy myself daily with things to do, but I can't stop thinking about her. It'll be nice if you guys pray for her, but I need someone, I need to cope somehow and talking seems the only way right now. I could tell stories about when we were little girls and teenagers and the stupid things we did together. If you would like to help me out it would be gratefully appreciated. Anyway, you guys have a wonderful, blessed week. I'm out.

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