Closer to perfect

People tell me I’m such a great role model to the girls or I hope my son marries someone like you. I sometimes just get sick and tired of just being noticed by the parents and never by my own peers. I know I’m different than most girls , I know I’m different than a lot of people, I know this, but it still ticks me off when someone ignorantly does or says something and when I try to just correct them they stupidly say, you’re always trying to prove me wrong. What the crap. Is it so bad to correct someone? Doesn’t it say in proverbs “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid”? I totally didn’t write that, it’s in the bible! If people just read their bible and actually live by it, this world would be a defiantly better place to live in. I just wish more “Christians” would just read their bible and not just ponder it, but live it. I’m not perfect, I don’t even think I’m halfway there, but I take one thing at a time and try to improve myself on it. An idea I took from Ben Franklin was to take some virtues I should work on and keep testing myself on them until it’s close to perfect and then move on to the next virtue. If people just fixed one mistake everyday of their lives, the world would be closer to perfect.
But really who am I kidding? No one really listens to me. I’m not the cool person that everyone follows the trends after, I’m not the brain that knows all the answers, I’m just me, plain Steph. Wait… who’s she?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it has to do with the way you correct people. I mean, I don't know how you say things...you've never corrected me...mostly b/c I'm always right... ;-) lol.
But seriously, they way you say things to people can have a lot of impact. Maybe to you it doesn't sound like you're saying anything wrong, but to other people it may sound condescending. Remember to be humble and say things with love.
And besides, the Lord knows your heart...and that's what is most important.