My double life

Since college has started I feel like I'm living a double life. At college I'm the quiet, studious girl. But at home I'm much more than what people see. I love adventure and having fun and going crazy, but at college, i feel like I'm just another fish in the lake. Granted I'll probably be one of the smartest people in the class, but for me learning is not just about reading and memorizing facts, its about the experience. I feel like no one sees me. I'm invisible girl. Wow I'm a superhero (sarcasm). I just wish people would just be open to me. I'm not the person to go up to people and just introduce myself, thats scary to even think about it, but if someone came up to me I'll welcome them with open arms. I guess it all has to do with comfort zone. I guess if I knew more people then I'll be able to live my one life again, but for now I guess I have to live my double life. Don't get me wrong I'm the same person, but I just choose to show it to one part of my life. I'm really considering on living on campus my sophomore year in college, but financially I'm so scared to take that leap. I would get to know more people and I would be able to live one life instead of two, but again financially, I'm better off commuting. I don't know, it all depends on what happens this year and how well I make friends. Well pray for me you guys that God's will just shows forth in my life, I hate not knowing whats happening. Well I'm outs.

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Lauren said...

Don't worry steph things will get better trust me. If you can believe it i used to be introverted my first semester at college.