Throw away the stone

So today was Zeal and as always it was an awesome sermon and awesome music.
P. Dave brought us to the book of John where Lazurus dies and Jesus brings him back to life. Well Dave was talking about how we need to die to the things that yield us from experiencing the full blessing of God. He also talked about a list of things that we know yield us from this. The first thing that came to mind was selfishness. In my blog "Weakness and Imagination" I talked about my weakness being selfishness, but it also stops me from experienceing the fullness of God's glory. I just want to be selfless, completely selfless. I believe that with selflessness comes complete humility, love, patience. Like I know I'm not completely full of myself, so i do have humility, and i do love people, i do have pateince, but sometimes when I do love or do work, i hope someone is watching, and because of this my heart isn't in the right place.
We got to write on a stone what yields us from experiencing God's glory, i liked that, In my head i just saw myself throwing the stone away, i just hope the devil doesn't throw back at me.

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