I've been wondering about my ministry for quite awhile. When I was dreaming about being a teacher I wanted to teach high schoolers just because their a little bit easier than the other kids. Well the funny thing is, God has brought me into a ministry where I handle elementary school kids. I can just talk to them for hours and listen to them for hours. They have quiet a lot to say. In the bible it says to take care of these kids, nourish them, discipline them; I happen to be able to do that without stress.
Well ministry is a big thing in God's plan. But I wonder if people use their ministry for the glory of God or their own selfish glory. I'm guilty of giving me the glory at times. But sometimes when I see people giving themselves the glory it just pisses me off. I really try to give God all the glory, trying to focus on Him at all times, but sometimes I just lose focus.
I guess the only reason I feel like I want the glory is because sometimes I just feel invisible from everybody else. I feel like nobody sees what I do, sometimes I feel discouraged, this is a big pothole on my path to serving God.
What i guess I'm trying to say is that ministry is a big thing and that the only way we don't give ourselves the glory is by focusing on God, just giving God the glory. We can't rely on what people think or say. If we do, then we'll never be able to pass the limitations of this world and reach God's will.

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