My weakness and Imagination.

Today is such a wonderful day, yes it is Friday and like the saying goes "TGIF." Well as my friday nights are committed to youth group, i had a wonderful time just kicking it back with my friends and just praising God. Well during the music I started thinking about the celebration they were having for the graduated seniors (yes I go ADD okay, totally not my fault) well i was just getting mad that everytime they have a celebration for us, I'm not able to go because of work or I'm going to be out of town. The next celebration they are going to have is next week Friday and I'll totally be in Orlando with my college peeps. It just sucks, nobody celebrates me. But then I pulled myself out of my own body and started critizing what i just said. I'm here at church, the bride of Christ, and all I can think about is me, selfish me. I just got so frustrated with myself, and i felt like i couldn't praise God. But then a phrase in one of the songs came up and it said "I will praise you in my weakness." My weakness is my own selfish self. Sometimes I get tired from just serving because I feel like I get no glory out of it, but really it's not for me, it's all for Him. I just forget sometimes. I know I'm weak, but sometimes I can't help portray myself but as a strong person that doesn't need anybody.
Skip is such an awesome preacher, and God is working wonders through him. One thing he said was "Do as much as you can until you can't do no more, and God will do the rest." To me it went both ways, one with my weakness, God will just be my strenth in my weakness. Another way was through imagination. The topic was no other but "Imagination."
When I was 8 years old, i chose my first "I'm going to be this when i grow up." I chose to be an austraunaut. I even started making a book about a girl, me, going to outer space. Then, i found out that I have motion sickness. People say its a mind thing, but i never had anything against flying until i threw up because of flying, so i really doubt its a mind thing for me. Well I went through a line of other professions that I thought I would enjoy, but tonight after Skip’s sermon, I knew what I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was a little kid. I want to be put in the history books. Yeah it seems kind of ridiculous, but for some reason I feel like if I’m not remembered throughout history, then I didn’t do something to change the world. Yes I want to change the whole world. Seems kind of far fetched, but I believe I can do it. “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3. I’m placing my stake on the ground right now, and I’m going to trust and persevere in Jesus. I’m committing, not to just be remembered, but to change the world in a way that future generations can look back upon and use me as a role model.
Imagination becomes a dream and a dream can become a reality.

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