This past week.

I've been crapping in my pants about this past week. First I moved, then it was Welcome week, today it was first day of school, and now tomorrow I'm taking the train to school. Moving wasn't that hard, it took me awhile to pack, but once I got to my dad's house it took me like a half hour to get settled in. Welcome week was crazy. I didn't know anybody, nobody knew me, except for my ungrad advisor. They had settled us into fish groups (yeah kind of gay, but w/e) and it got a little bit easier. We learned cheers, they forced us into wearing silly hats, and forced us to mingle through games. I am not one to make fast friends, so it didn't work out for me. Through my group I got to meet a really cool girl Danielle which I guess was the only one I hit it off with.
I was so nervous about today. I wanted the first day of school to pass by fast when it was last week, but this morning I wished it never came, i was totally nervous. But my professors were totally nice that I can't wait to see who my teachers are tomorrow. I already have hw for tomorrow, but its easy. And I also added a class, so I have 7 classes! Whatever I know I'll do well.
Another thing that has been running through my mind is my major. My major is history, I just love the subject, I want to travel and just check out artifacts and make history. But one thing that has been bothering me is the travel. I want to travel, but I'm scared. I'll be out of my comfort zone all the time and it just frightens me. I know God doesn't want us in a comfort zone, he wants us as uncomfortable as we can be, so I believe that this is the best thing I could do. I'm always dreaming big and God wouldn't have put such a wild imagination in my head if I wasn't to fulfill it. I just hope I'm as ready as I can be when the time comes for me to pick up and leave. Anyway, I'm out.


Anne Marie said...

7 classes?!?! whoa, nelly. slow down... you sure you can take on that much? you might forget you're actually in college. 'last day to drop' can be your friend. find out what it is, put it in your calendar, you'll thank me :) xoxo, hope you make lotsa new friends, or at least one good one!

KristelFatima said...

7 classes, it can be done. :-) Do what you gotta do, girl...but also, enjoy it!