Ministry part Dos

So I talked about how ministry is an important thing and that we should always be focusing on God so we could do our ministry correctly. Well another thing that I've noticed about myself and others is that sometimes we can get so caught up into our ministry we just zone out everything else, everybody else.
Sometimes I just get so caught up into making sure my dance moves are just right so the kids can follow that I forget about just having fun and most importantly the kids. In the ministry of leadership I just see some leaders getting so caught up in putting everything just perfect that they just forget the people. I guess thats why I'm so glad we have a first impressions ministry. People just making sure that new people are welcomed correctly. But sometimes that too fails. I don't mean that the first impressions people are not doing their job its just when "church" is just not happening at the moment. Like when there's youth group or when there's a church party. People get left out. I don't know if its the fast paced life of Miami, but we need to slow it down a bit.
This is somewhat dangerous, but sometimes when I'm driving I just look around me, not at the other cars, but at what God's painting looks like. I take pictures of the sunsets or the clouds if they look just perfect and amazing. I look at what people seem to miss when those traffics hit.
We need to look around us, not at just our own work, but at God's work.

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