College retreat

So College retreat happened August 8th through August 11th. I loved it! Even though I missed out on the youth retreat i got to meet new people and make new friends.
Well when we were driving up to Orlando I was a little immature, at least compared to the college people, but whatever, i am who i am. Well camp was so hot, and we slept in tents with no cots, so it was bare floor in sleeping bags, well on top of sleeping bags, it was so hot! Anyway, camp was like youth retreat, but smaller and the sessions were not us just listening, but us learning from each other and talking to each other which i totally loved. I was the youngest person there, and sometimes i felt like people didn't see me or heard me.
Well on Friday, the last night of the retreat, Janell walks me to someplace and she was telling me how I was right about something. We were talking about us as a church and if we're doing our all. Well I told a story about a time, a few months ago, When the only time i worked was at church. Usually I hate on hypocrits, but either my sister or my mom told me i was a hypocrit because i only work at church and no where else. I'm very prideful, so i said no, but when i was on my own and got to think about it, and she was right. I changed my way of living, so they can't call me a hypocrit again. Well Janell told me i was right. Her first impression of me was immaturity, but i love to just play around. When i have to be serious and smart and insightful then thats what i am. At the end of the retreat, i wasn't just the youngest person there, and i wasn't ignored, people listened to me and told me that everyone i meet will be greatly impacted.
If I impacted people over just a few days i wonder what i can do with my whole life to the whole world. My dream is to impact the world and to be remembered for changing the world, and i totally believe I can do it, this weekend just encouraged me at just being me.
I'm not perfect and I should always be growing in my spiritual walk, but i know God ceated me for a specific purpose and i don't feel all that depressed anymore.
Well, during the college retreat I got to play games, talk, go to downtown disney, and go to Typhoon Lagoon, it was all so much fun, i wouldn't change it for anything.
As much as i hated the heat, i would go camping again, just to grow and be more aware of what i have and to be thankful for what i have like AC. I love AC!
Oh and one of the games we played was Can-Can. People know that I'm good so they totally teamed up on me, it got down to me and Shawny and she totally beat me, I was beaten by a very good can-can player and I'm glad for being beaten by her there was no greater opposition. Well anyway, I'm out.

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