A list of things going through my mind.

-I've been telling people I'm cursed. yeah w/e. I remember things that people never remember. This curse has started just a little after i started my senior year in high school. It sometimes makes me feel out of place. I'd start talking about something and people just give me this face like I'm crazy or something. It'll do me good with school, but it still makes me different.

-I've been thinking about my future life a lot lately. With work, I know for sure I want to travel somewhere and just serve. My future husband is going to have to travel too, so we could visit a country where we're not wanted and start a church there, he would have to be a pastor or missionary. And I know for sure that i want 3 kids and adopt some too, i don't want to go through labor more than 3 times, lol.

-School has been so relaxing, i love college! It's so much better than high school. I was totally scared about starting school and i just wanted to go back to my regular high school schedule, but my mind has been changed. I take the tri-rail to school, which at first again, i was scared, but i love it now. And forever i will take the advice of Ivan, he told me to keep buying tri-rail tickets and i didn't listen to him and i got a warning from a police officer. i think i have a record now.

-I met a long lost relative too. He's John DeSousa and he's from Portugal. I know we're related in some way, lol.

-I went to chapel twice this week at school, same message, different music. And then I went to visit a church today of one of my professors and what do you know the same message. I think God's telling me something. it was on Romans 12:1-8 today and the pastor talked about the transforming of our mind and how together as Christ's believers we all have different spiritual gifts and without one another we're a dysfunctional body. Sometimes I wished Christians would understand that. We all need each other. Oh and I need to remind myself of that too. Sometimes I think I can do it all on my own, but i always fall right on my face.

-Also, in Romans 12:6-8 it talks about spiritual gifts and to use them. These past 2 years has been transforming and it has brought me to an organization of abolishing slavery. I wish that slavery was abolished around the world. Somebody had told me that if slavery was abolished the cost of living will sky rocket up. Yeah I know that, but our happiness should not be based on how economically well we are. God should be our happiness. Even those who are worse off than myself can give. So I figured out what one of my gifts are, it's at serving. I love to serve. I would rather live dirt poor than not be able to help people. I don't know how to express how i feel about people except serve. Whenever I was at church in Miami I didn't know what else to do, but srve others. It's been difficult on me lately to go to church and be able to serve yet. I have to wait to find the church God wants me at and then finally start serving, but this could be a long process or hopefully a short process. I hope its short I hate not doing anything.

-Stress can be good and it can be bad. Everyone has different symptoms and I finally figured out mine. I won't tell you what it is, but I know for sure that I hate swimming it gives too much stress. Volleyball and soccer keep me at ease.

-I'm going to start a thing now before i got to sleep now, I'm going to be meditating. I have so many things going through my mind before i go to sleep that i need to relax my mind which will help relax my body. So I encourage those of you who have the same problem to do either meditation or stretching before going to sleep.

Anyway, I'm out. Need to meditate so i could sleep.

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Ivan said...

"And forever i will take the advice of Ivan, he told me to keep buying tri-rail tickets and i didn't listen to him and i got a warning from a police officer."