I am so bored of this everyday bull crap of school and doing the same freaking thing everyday. Yeah college is totally not the same as high school, I get to choose my own schedule, I get to choose, but what i choose doesn't even exist yet. I want change! I want a Great Awakening part 3. I want people to just stop doing what is expected of them and just go out there and do what they believe will change the world in a godly way. I don't see anything anymore. I want change! I want to see godly young leaders standing up, getting off of the benches and pitching a no hitter.
I'm surprised how idealistic I've become. I've always been realistic, oh that can't happen or this won't do. No, no more of that.
Before I started college, I thought 'man I could be whoever i want now, I can start anew.' And I guess I've changed drastically or I've just pulled out of my shell. I don't feel like I did last year, i was the quiet, just going with the crowd kind of person, but no more. I want to be the leader. It's actually quite invigorating. I don't have a power hunger thing going on, I would never let that occur. I just feel that Christians are just doing small things, not that it doesn't matter, the small things do matter, but it's time to think big and start doing the small things that will bring it to the Great Awakening Part 3.
I had a very vivid, weird dream about 3 night ago. Three or four blue birds were on a tree branch just standing there and I'm right across from them singing. Well usually blue birds are the ones singing to me, not vice versa. I couldn't understand the meaning of it, but somebody told me that I'll be a teacher of teachers. Usually teachers of teachers are wise. I hope that is what it means. I'm not that wise, but I know the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, stated in 1st proverbs, so I know I've started to become wise. I just hope I'll be able to fulfill what God has in plan for me. Like I've posted in other blogs, God wouldn't haven't given me such a great imagination so it wouldn't be in use, He wants me to use it, and that is exactly what I'm going to do, one day.
So I'll take the repetitive life for now, yeah I have fun, spontaneous times, but I need more than that. One day it won't be that way anymore for me and whoever I live the rest of my life with, yeah a husband, can't forget him, haha. Well sorry for my cry of change, it's just something that is screaming within me. Well I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I too am tired of 'the daily routine'. One thing that really saddens me is the complacency amongst young people even most Christian young people. As Christians, we should all have a burning fire in us to make changes and "move mountains". We don't need to wait till we're 30 to start making a difference in this world.