My poems

So I thought I'd place my favorite poems up that I've written since I've started writing. Something different than what i usually do, but I want your opinions. All of these poems are written from a span of 4 years, so most are really sad.

I’m drowning in what it seems
To be a forever ocean.
I can’t see past all the water
Surrounding me, and I can’t
Seem to pull my head over the
Water to breath, I need air.
I’m scared and I just panic
And I don’t know what to do.
Where’s the boat?
When’s my saving coming?
It seems like it’ll never come.
Maybe they don’t see me?
Yeah, maybe that’s it.

She walks alone
She walks alone.
No one is close enough
To here her scream,
No one is close enough
To catch her from falling down,
And no one is close enough
To love her.
She walks alone
With no hope and in despair.
She walks alone,
To cry.

I feel You comfort me
When I feel there is no hope.
I cry out like a wolf to the moon.
And it's the same thing over and over
And if I were
You I would have
Given up already.

Everyday You sat there and
listened to my complaints with
such tenderness in Your eyes.
You didn't care how many times
I came to You with the same problem, You
only cared that I trusted You.

I had prayed one day that You would fill my
life with trouble just so I could come to
You. I sometimes wonder why I
said that prayer, all this hardship
is difficult, but then
I remember when I'm in your arms
that this is the only way I come to You.

The cave
I scream at the top of
My lungs inside my own
Cave where no one can hear me.
I hear the cave echo my scream
But tis an empty scream.
I want no more emptiness around me;
I want it to be real. I want
The scream to be as full and whole
As the sorrow of my mind,
To have the knowledge that I posses.
I want the cave not to be a cave;
I want it to be my home.

I let it be
My heart yearns for
The thing that has trapped
My heart in a prison
of giving and trust.

I will never be
Deceived by this trap
Because I let myself
Into it, knowing
Full well of its

My heart never wants to leave,
so I let it be.

So yeah, these are just a small portion of what i write, but criticism is always encouraged. So tell me what you think, as harsh as it might be.

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