It's sometimes hard to say what is on my mind. I have so many things buzzing through my head all the time that I lose track. Well my classes are doing well, got no complaints on friends, but yet I seem to not feel satisfied. No, I'm not in a depression thing or bored. I just feel like I should be doing something more. I hate my planned schedule. I'm astonished at myself because I seem to have everything planned and I love being in control, but now I want something really out of my control to happen. I seem to see all the things that's happening before it even happens, no not a psychic thing, but it just seems so repetitive. It's quite boring. Yeah then I guess I'm bored. I just want something out of my control to happen, something out of the ordinary to happen. That's all I'm asking for. Maybe I'm at a time where I should jut concentrate at school, and God's giving me the time to do it, but why would God want me comfortable? He's never put anyone in a comfortable position in the bible, why shoud I be any different? I guess it's that calm before the storm, I hope it is. Well this was a pointless blog, I hope I satisfied your boredom for reading this blog. I'm out

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