Dependance and credibility

Once we can say out loud what are weaknesses are life becomes just so much easier. I am indecisive and I finally accepted that. I wish I were more straight with what i say, but sometimes I say something that i wasn't really sure what both sides of the idea was, and I change more than twice on my standing. I've told some people and now I feel so much better because people won't tell me "stop changing you mind" when I change at speed of a second. But I'm dependable which is weird, but I understand why. Once I tell someone you can depend on me on this, that's my final decision. Even though I'm inclined to change my mind, once I have it made up I stick to it.
Another thing, I've finally made great friends that I can depend on. I don't fully trust them yet, but it's in the process. We've, well really I've already plans for our October break. We're going to Busch Gardens and they've actually agreed. Which is cool, but now I'm titled spontaneous because I think of stuff and just go with it. I don't think that's very spontaneous, but I guess it is to them. And I'm also titled organized and dependable, which is great. I have credibility now. Thank you for those who prayed for me to make friends in school, I'm pretty sure it would have happened eventually, but probably not the same friends and God has put them in my life for a reason, so I'm running with it.
Just one more thing before I go, today in the world leaders have forgotten what credibility means. Credibility comes from the word credo meaning believe and trust. And in today's world we have a lot of leaders, but not a lot of them are credible, which I fear. If there is no accountability to the leaders today then what are we leaving for ourselves in the end, nothing! So I encourage you guys to live a life of integrity and credibility. And keep those that are in the position of leadership accountable, they help mold the future of tomorrow.
And now I'm done, so I'm out.

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