Alcohol and drugs

I've been meaning to write something on alcohol and drugs for about a week now and I guess this is the time.
Well I'm not going to tell you not to drink or do drugs, I'm not your mother. I'm not here to tell you that drugs are bad for you and I'm not going to tell you that alcohol is bad for your liver. Almost everyone has had a High school diploma, so you've heard from teachers and your parents and TV that drugs are bad for you and you shouldn't drink under a certain age or you shouldn't drink and drive.
You guys know that.
I'm here to tell you my story. As a matter of fact not just my story, but my family's story.
For all I know my grandfather is an alcoholic, has been since before my mom was born. My grandfather from my father's side died because a drunk driver ran into him. I have second cousins that died from a drunk driver. My Aunt was a druggie. She was a druggie in Brazil and she was in Miami. Thank God, now she's clean, has been for about 18 years. Me, I used to drink at parties with my friends from school, i would never get drunk, but the party life and drinking were what i looked forward to each week. My friends from school are into the drinking and getting drunk and some of them have made themselves look like fools. Then I have my sister. The druggie part 2. I'm not going to say I don't love her nor she doesn't affect me because she does. She's my sister. I love her and everything she does, does affect me.
When she started into drugs, nobody in the family knew. But her attitude changed, she became angry all the time. Some people just called it teenage rebellion, but I saw more. I told people that it's not supposed to be so rebellious like she's doing, but nobody listened. Well when someone told me she was doing drugs and other stuff, i had to tell my parents. She stopped using drugs and her attitude became somewhat bearable. It's was still hard to study for AP tests with my mom and sister bickering all the time. Now its different, I moved out from my mother's house and moved w/ my dad for school. Life seems less stressful, but then my sister was caught with drugs at school. No, she doesn't use drugs anymore, but her friends still do. That was just last week and now, today, she's at teen challenge. She had no idea it was coming. It's the cheapest place we could find ($2000 a month) and she's there for 15 months.
Alcohol and drugs takes away the pain, but only for awhile, not forever. we become addicted and then aggressive. We live for the moment where all seems gone, but isn't gone. It's still there, that's reality.
Again, I'm not your mother, do whatever you will with your life. But when you become addicted and nothing seems to satisfy you other than drugs or alcohol. First off don't be afraid to ask someone for help, and secondly, but just as important look into what Christ wants to give you. peace, love, joy, eternity in heaven. Christ is not asking for anything, he'll take your crappy past and transform you into someone that is happy. Not aggressive, no addiction, no loneliness, just peace.
Well as always I'm out.

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Lauren said...

Im sorry to hear about the whole family situation. Its nice to know that you have your head on stragiht. I will keep your family in my prayers.