out of this body

I've been totally stressed, but not about school. I wish I could go into detail about what I'm stressed about, but it wouldn't be appropriate. Anyway, i went to a christian concert tonight and God just spoke to me. The last 2 days I've been angry with God, and just wondering why some stuff has been happening, but today i saw that I'm just putting the blame on Him because it really is my fault. Caleb once told me that it isn't my fault. But I still disagree. It's all my fault that this occured, if I just paid more attention and I didn't push away people, things would be different. I wish things were different. But its all in God's hands and I have to just drop my crud on God's lap. I know it sounds wierd, but thats what we do when we give it up for God. We give Him all that we have, the good and bad, and he uses it for His bigger plan.
I just wish I coul go back in time and fix things, but I know I can't do that. I sometimes just wish it was a videogame and I could just press redo, but instead we could either quit or keep moving on and learn from our experiences and pass on our knowledge to others.
Have you ever felt that sensation when your worshiping God and you just get so into praising God and you can't stop moving, but then moving doesn't seem like enough and you just want to jump out of your body and do something crazy, maybe even foolish for God. I've started to feel like that lately. I've started to want to make a change. I have plans that will change society as we know it. And I can't wait till the time comes when all these dreams just come into play. Like I said before, God gave me such a big imagination and I know it'll be used for His glory.
well you guys, I have a favor to ask you guys. First pray for my sister, and I don't mean just as an afterthought, I mean really pray for her. And second, pray for me that i can just keep my eyes focused on Jesus so as not to let any wind or the fact that I'm walking on water keep me from reaching to jesus. Anyway, you guys are always in my prayers. So go MAD (go Make A Difference). I'm out

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