Being sick makes me unfocused.

Oh how I hate being sick and worst of all it's raining and I have to be at school. If I didn't have to be at school then the rain would be nice so i could sleep through my cold, but no, it has to be raining. Today has just been pouring, I'm just glad that I didn't get rained on when i got to school.
Another thing, I've just been so out of focus. I wish i wasn't. I need to focus on my professors and on everything else thats important. I just feel so blah. Stuff that has no importance creeps into my mind at the worst possible times. I know I should just try to block them out and I have the power to take them out of my head, but it's hard when your sick. Maybe it's just this sickness that's keeping me unfocused. All I know is that I'm glad I'm noticing that I'm not focusing than not knowing at all. Then that would just suck because I wouldn't try focung on the important things than just drifting off into lala land. Well please pray for me that this cold will go away by this weekend. I have so much to do this weekend and I need to focus. Well I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Rain sucks. lol.
I don't mind if I am curled up in bed...but being stuck in a classroom with thirty little hyper kids is the WORST, lol. We haven't been able to go to the playground all week because of the rain and us teachers are going nuts! lol.
AHH! ;-)

I hope you're feeling better from your cold. Be sure to take some time to rest.