A random night in the life of Steph

Well Friday started off as any other normal school day. Gym in the morning, classes in the afternoon. Then i took a shower in the locker room and headed to the Student Government retreat. We had dinner and then got into our committee's. I'm part of the communications committee. Well after the retreat I headed to my friend Kristen's house to drop off my stuff since I was crashing for the night. Well we went to the Coffee house which was really mellow and nice.
Well after the coffee house thing we went to Hooka. I had no idea what that was and then they told me it's a middle eastern style restaurant where they smoke tobacco from these jar things. Well I had nothing else to do so I went. Of course I didn't smoke any, but the atmosphere was great and they don't serve alcohol there so that was cool. We stayed there for about an hour and a half. Me, Kristen, and Victoria headed off back to the house since we were tired and hung out there for about 30 minutes w/ Ricky.
Well the rest of the group got back and decided to head to the beach. I was totally up for it. I was tired, but not enough to not miss out on the beach. So we headed to the beach like at 1:30am. We brought blankets and just laid on the beach watching the stars, talking, and listening to music, it was really nice. Well about an hour later two other people sneak up behind us and throws flour over us. Well Grace and Jack weren't going to leave it at that, so they ran after them. It was pretty funny.
Well after about 5 minutes, we were wondering when they would get back, so Ricky goes after them to check it out. 30 seconds later he runs back and tell us to pick up the stuff because the police were there. We got everything and ran for the hills. It was awesome. I haven't felt that thrill before. Well we went through another road so as to make sure the police wouldn't see us. We started making up plans on how to get to the car and if the police were still at the car we would have to walk back to school and get the car to bail them out of jail if they had to go there. Well we passed by the road where our cars were at and sure enough the police were there, so we just kept on walking. Then we heard 2 cars screeching at the corner and stop right next to us. Oh man, we had just gotten caught. So the police officer asks us where we were and where we were heading and stuff. Well Erica took the lead and started saying how we were just heading back from the beach to school. And he said, but what about your cars and we told them that we were first looking for our friends who had just left. And he asked why didn't we look at the beach, and we told him that they had ran towards the road so they wouldn't be on the beach, well to make a long story short we had to give in our names and head on our way back home.
Well the group who had ran off told the cops the truth and of course so did we, but for some reason they didn't believe us, whatever. And the group who had ran off told the cops they were playing tag, lol, and they were laughing the whole time when they were caught by the cops. I thought that was funny. Well we got back home and what do you know its 4am. We stayed up 30 minutes more talking about what happened to each of us, and it was so funny. We finally fell asleep only to wake up at 9am!
Well today we went on a scavenger hunt, which my team won, and chilled at the beach. This was one memorable time, so I had to share.
Usually my blogs concern Christ so here i go. I saw the difference between what we see in the day and the night at a christian school. I saw how some people are really into God and just dedicate their time to Him and I also saw the other side. Just having fun with friends and doing stupid stuff that we'll never get to do again once were older. I thank God for this weekend and how life isn't just about studying and making good grades, but actually going out and doing crazy stuff, either being illegal or going crazy for Christ. Anyway, I'm out