Amazing Grace

First, Happy New Year!
Now, down to business. Most Americans, for the most part, have gotten over racism. At least I know I condemn no one by color or nationality, only by what they do. I can't understand what it means to be racist. But in a country not so far away, the darker you are or the more northerner, the poorer and dumber you are thought of.
My mother is from Sào Paulo, Brazil (south) and my father is from Paraiba, Brazil (north). So what?
I'll tell you what, its a disgrace for someone from the south to even think about dating or even marrying someone from the north. Its a disgrace for a white woman to love a black man.
There is no segregation of schools, there is no sitting at the back of the bus, but there is a segregation of the mind.
I can't even comprehend that because I've never seen it. I've read about it in my history book, I've seen it in movies, but I've never seen it in reality. I see a black man and a white man dressed in a suit, and I see a black teenager or white teenager with a kid.
But just because I've never seen it, like I've never seen God, doesn't mean that slavery, segregation, and God is not there.
Slavery still happens, even within the US borders; segregation still happens, even within the US borders. Just because I haven't seen it, doesn't mean its not there. Open your eyes and do something about it.
Be the change don't be ignorant!

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