Find yourself

How do we find ourselves?
How do we answer "Describe yourself?"
Do we go crazy looking for the answer or do we just analyze ourselves?
Psalm 139:1 "O LORD, you have searched me and you know me." And the psalm goes on telling the reader that God knows us and why we do such things.
I earnestly want to know myself. I want to know EVERYTHING, but that's just my personality.
Why did God create me this way?
Everyone wants to understand themselves, everyone wants to know who they really are. Yeah there are confident people in this world, they might already have found themselves in who they are, or... its just a mask.
I'm at a loss. If I knew who I was, I'd know every flaw, I'd know my strengths and my weaknesses. If I knew all my weaknesses, then I would know how to compensate for them and rest it in God's hands or maybe I won't... maybe I say that now, but when the time comes, I'd take it upon myself to be fully independent.
I wish i could give you an answer on how to find your true self as you can see in my writing I doubt myself, but I'm just like everyone else, I'm different. No one is exactly the same, so even if I told you how, that would be how I found myself, not how I found your true self. '
So here's the only advice that I'm giving you on this subject, don't buy any book or magazine or take time to look at a horoscope or take a quiz, your wasting your money and/or time on what you could be using to live life and look for yourself.

Who are we truly?

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