Okay, so i looked more into the pro-choice and I was wrong, it onyl has to do with abortion issues and women rights. Well I read more about pro-choice and I fell upon a site that really helped me understand about abortion. Here's the site http://www.prochoice.com/, you could also go to wikipedia or other sites, but these helped me understand more about abortion.
Some people are thinking why am I so obsessed about this now? Well I used to be the Children's music director at my church. I loved dancing with the kids and it helped bring kids out of there shell, being shy. It hurt me to leave my church because of school, but I had to move on. I love kids! Sit down with one kid for about an hour and you'll be a kid again. They are so innocent and they show their emotions, unlike adults and teenagers do today.
Everyone is unique and I can't help think about every child that has been aborted. There are other ways, you just need to be informed!

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