Blood Diamond

Before I used to think that any movie Leonardo Di Caprio was in was going to be either a sex movie or some Chick flick. Well after watching Blood Diamond I take that thought back. Even though the movie curses a lot and the main idea of the movie has to do with a diamond, it has so much more to it.
I didn't want to start off this post with what i did start off with, but I don't want to scare off people from reading this.
What pisses me off about America and other developed countries is that the people are so stuck into their everyday "stresses" and "depressions" that I think they're missing the big picture of this world. Not a lot of us will be remembered once we die, and if we are it's just in a history book that students don't even care about. There's so much bad stuff happening around the world that we don't even take the time and give them a hand. Who cares if a meeting was missed or you lose some money helping someone out. We're all eventually going to die, aren't we? I've yet to hear that someone has surpassed death w/ the exception of Jesus Christ who did die and then rose again. No one is immortal, so why don't we die fighting the GOOD fight? Why don't we just leave all this material desires aside and help someone that is truly in need.
What i thought was truly cannibal was when i heard that the US itself does food eating contests and waste so much money on it that, instead, they could just use it to send the food to places like Africa and Asia, and the rest of the Americas.
We have become a society of entertainment, "if it makes me feel good then it's all good." No, no, if it made me feel good to kill someone whom I disliked, what that be good? No that would be chaotic!
What I'm trying to say is that knowing and sending money isn't enough to help those in need. If I were depressed because my father died, money and you knowing would not be enough for me. Being there and holding me up to make sure I won't fall would be the world to me.
When I went to Guatemala, just being there and loving those kids meant the world to them. They had no money to send me there and no way of paying me back but I chose to be there and use my resources to help them, knowing I will not receive anything in return. Did I change the world? Nope, not even close, but did I change someone's life? Yeah i think so.
I'm not telling you guys to go on a mission trip and that will help you be less depressed. Actually I think it will bring more burden on your heart, but I'm asking you to not be ignorant and do something about those less unfortunate than ourselves. Go and fight the GOOD Fight, like it says in the bible.
I recommend watching Blood Diamond. I'm out.


Anne Marie said...

i'll watch it soon. you should check out 'hotel rwanda'. awesome movie... and 'god grew tired of us'

Anonymous said...


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