Death, such a fact of life, but yet we can't seem to keep away the tears from falling down. We can't help to feel the loss in our lives. I just found out that my friend eddie has just passed away. He wasn't getting better, but still. He was a friend, a husband, a son, the best soccer goalie I've ever played with. I'm shaking and I can't seem to type what I feel. I feel so much sorrow, but I can't cry, not right now. I see no friend in sight and to let myself go would bring upon consequences that I dare not go through. I think I'm going to go to Miami this weekend, I need to be with those that knew him and cry with them, I need to go. May Eddie rest in peace and I know he's in a batter place. I know he is with God, why don't we rejoice for that? I can't seem to do it. At my own death I don't want sorrow in the air, I want joy because I'm with God, but now i understand. "Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning" how i wish I could see the sun rising right now. I'm out.

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