My political party.

Well I think it's finally time to introduce my political side. But before I do I just want to clarify that i did not choose my political party because of the candidates, but because of what the party stands for.
I am a Democrat. No, I'm pro-life. I believe that babies need a voice, born and unborn. I'm a christian so I don't like the homosexual marriage, but who am I to tell them to not get married. I lie, it's just as much a sin as homosexual marriage. I just don't agree with just making homosexual marriage a fact of life just as I like trustworthy people, I will never condemn a homosexual, but I will never agree with it.
The reason I chose Democrat is because they are in support of the people. Whatever the people want the democrat's will make sure to get it through. Social Security, the depression of the 1930's, and with the Clinton administration of 1992-1999 attempting to pass nation wide insurance for everyone. I'm not saying that the presidents of these times were perfect, they were far from it, but whose to say we're perfect. Some people might say that these presidents were just trying to gain the vote. Duh, that's the point of it. Didn't Hamilton or Jefferson say that the selfishness of the people will benefit all. I don't entirely agree with that statement, but it does show some accuracy to it, at least in the US.
Some people have asked me who would I vote for in the presidency? Well I'm not voting for Clinton. I have two reasons for that. First off, she believes in abortion even after the said date of when you shouldn't. Another reason, it might sound sexist, but it's because she's a woman. I have no problem of a woman becoming a president, but because we are so in tangled with foreign affairs, what makes you think that the Muslim world will be okay with it? They'll see it as another reason they should hate the US even more and give them more of a reason to nuke the US out of existence.
Obama seems like a good guy, but again he has the same standing as Hillary with abortion, but also he has no idea what he's talking about most of the time.
Being a Democrat doesn't mean that if a time comes that I still shouldn't vote Republican. I'll vote republican if it fits my best interest. I might sound disloyal, but no candidate is perfectly Democrat or Republican anyway. I would go more into depth, but I would need to really look into all the candidates before I do. So until next time, I'm out.


The Last Patriot said...

And the republicans don't support the people? One of America's most prosperous eras was during the Reagan Administration. I could understand why the democrat's political ideology is appealing, though it is just an ideology. Just because they claim to stand for the people doesn't mean they do.

My problem with the democrats is they are almost all socialist. The socialist model will not work in a country as big as ours. Universal health care would bankrupt us. They propose a significant amount of lofty/admirable ideas, but no awareness of the cost. Who will pay for it? The key word to sum the Clinton administration is attempted. He accomplished very little. As a politician, you must look at what will benefit the country as a whole. If the government, country and economy prevails than so will the people.

About the the woman president/hilary clinton dilemma, I dislike Clinton too but if she was an ethical woman and a good candidate I would vote for her. As Americans, but particularly as Christians, why should we live in fear? I could care less how provoking it would be to the muslim world. They already hate us anyways. This is my country and as far as I'm concerned, a bunch of camel riding, bomb making, suicidal Allah fanatics should have no say in how it's run. Radical muslims think that if they die fighting killing 'infidels' they become martyrs and automatically go to paradise. Let's test that belief. Let's give them the nukes they want so badly, in one form or another.

Sorry I'm playing mr. argumentative here. This is something I'm really passionate about.

stephsousa said...

Thats cool, I'm just pointing out why I chose to be a democrat.