Silent Day

Do you know how difficult it is to not talk for a day? Like I could stand not talking for a day, being silent day or not, but I love to communicate with people. My friends made it a joke with me for not talking, I could stand that, but then when I was in class and the professor asked a question that I knew and no one else didn't, it was frustrating. I had to write it down and the girl next to me, Lizzy, shouted the answers for me.
Also, not speaking for a whole day made me realize how much communication is important. Yeah I joke around with my friends, but when it came to something important I had to resist myself, I had to keep tape over my mouth in class, but not with my friends.
I bet by now your wondering why I did stay silent for a day. Well today is silent day, where people around the nation stand together and stay silent because of those who are being silenced everyday by abortion. It helped me realize how much they are important, how, if they lived, they would have contributed to society.
"I'm a child not a choice" was placed upon the flyer that I had to pass around. How true that statement is. They are a child, maybe not fully made in the belly of the mother, but will soon be. They are not your choice to live or die, if you choose to not care for them, I know plenty of people that are willing to adopt babies. If you had them by accident that is still no excuse. I'm a bastard child, my parents weren't even married when i was born, they got married a few months after I was born.
I'm not being prideful or anything, but I'm pretty sure I've affected every person that I've come into contact with directly and indirectly. And I know that every child that was aborted would have affected us all one way or another.
If your thinking about having an abortion, don't. I have a cousin that would do anything to have a child of her own, but she will never be able to. She'll adopt your kid, anybody that loves kids and can't have any will love to have that child. Don't do it, that is my advice. Well I'm out.


KristelFatima said...

Hey...I didn't know about Silent Day. That's really cool that you did that. I don't know that I would be able to.
Good job.

Merari said...

Silent day? cool. I wouln't last, haha.

Merari said...

ps. thanks for the welcome! you are added to my blogs... so i wanna see me in your list of fave blogs too! ;0)

Anne Marie said...

so true, how different the world would be if no one had ever been aborted. glad you did that :) and glad your parents had you!!!