I'm a hypocrite part 2

Well I went to chapel this morning, and what do you know the same dude is talking from last night. If you read "I'm a Hypocrite" you'll get the jiff of it. Well he spoke about John 3:16-17. He asked if anyone knew John 3:16 by memory and of course we do, we've learned that verse since we were little kids even if we didn't grow up in a christian home. Well then he asked about John 3:17 and not a lot of people knew. I knew it because i heard a sermon on it a few months ago if not a year ago. Well Christ was not sent to this world to condemn the world, meaning "who are we to condemn?" but to save the world through him. Doesn't that mean we're just tools for Jesus' sacrifice? We're sinners too, who are we to condemn the homosexuals, the murderer's. "Well those are big sins." Sin is sin, we shouldn't have a double standard. In James 1 verse 8, James writes "A double minded man [is] unstable in all his ways." Again, sin is sin, so if we condemn the homosexuals and murderers, why shouldn't we condemn ourselves for lying, stealing, lust, gluttony? It'll just bring about our destruction and the wrong message that Christians are trying to pass across to the whole world. Christians should not be condemners, if thats even a word, we're supposed to pass the love around and let Jesus do the work in them. So i encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ, do not be double minded, pass the love around, like the singer Bob Marley would try to pass. I'm out.

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