I'm taking a break from studying right now, so to make my break worthy, I decided to write something.
Have you ever wished to be a little kid again, I have. Those good times where I didn't care what I wore, how my hair was done, payments, school. All i cared about was food and having a good time. How i wish to go back to those times where i had to climb the kitchen cabinets to get to the cups for a drink of water. My biggest worry was a rainy day where i couldn't go outside to play.
I love the simplicity of things now, I'm in total awe of it sometimes. The sound of the wind, the laughter of friends, the crashing of waves. Everything has become so complex, people having ulterior motives for the things they do instead of just doing it for the person. And figuring out payments for school instead of the game monopoly I used to play. How I miss being a little kid. I guess that's the reason for my immaturity at times. Playing games on people just for a laugh or playing with kids instead of having serious convos with the adults. I would have to say that even though my father is old, he'll never grow up. haha, he still makes fun of my childhood nickname, he still taps the other side of my shoulder thinking that i won't notice. I guess I take after my father a lot. I wouldn't be angry if I ended up like my dad. I remember when I was a little girl how he always had a smile on his face, still does. I remember when i wanted to be an astronaut because i wanted to see the world from a different perspective instead of looking at it through books and pictures. I was always for the moment, no consequences in mind. I miss those times where choice excited me instead of trialed me. I see my little brother, he's so small. His socks are almost the size of my hand, just a little bit smaller. The only things he cries about is food and not being paid attention to. I envy him.
In contrast, I'm glad I'm older. Older people listen to my thoughts instead of chastising it. I can drive, vote, I can reach the cup cabinet. I can choose my own path instead of my parents choosing it for me. I still have fun, I understand concepts better. I'm not ignorant to the world around me. In the bible it says Ignorance is a bliss, which is right, but I choose not to be ignorant and do something about it. Instead of being ignorant and never to be remembered in the future, i choose to know and do something about it, maybe even be remembered. I do miss the simplicities of life as a child, the ignorance that I had, but life is more worthwhile now that I'm older. I have more to lose, but much to gain. I still go back to my childhood ways just to get away from the reality, but being old has its advantages too. Well I'm out.

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