L'INGÉNE by Voltaire

'"How is it,' he wanted to know, 'that tears can bring relief? It seems to me they ought to have the opposite effect.'
'My son,' replied the good old man, 'everything inside us is purely physical. Each secretion is good for us, and everything that comforts the body comforts the soul. We are machines made by Providence.'"
I never heard this explanation between physical and emotional self.
Lately I've just been feeling stressed. Kind of like a weight put upon my chest and I can't seem to lift it off. In the book, the Child of Nature, who had cried, was crying over the fact that he wasn't allowed to marry his godmother, no relation. And when he cried he felt relieved. The thing is, i don't know why this weight has been placed upon my chest. Maybe over the loss of Eddie, I think that is when it started. I wasn't able to cry because i felt out of place. But I really doubt it has to do with that, maybe it does, but not the entire reason for me feeling like this. I just want a good cry, but I can't seem to make myself cry.
No, it has nothing to do with school, school is going great. I just find myself drifting off into space. I usually stop my studying for a second, so i could just think about it and let it pass, but lately it has been just looking into the sky. I like to see the clouds pass and the moon, stars, sunrises, and sunsets. It just drifts me away from reality. I hope it doesn't become an addiction. Because once it does become an addiction, I won't be able to concentrate on anything, but it's kind of hard because being outside and just listening to the wind and the crash of the waves just calms me down from this crazy world that we all live in. Maybe I just need a vacation. That is probably what I'll do, just walk into a forest and camp out there for two days, that would be nice.
God rested on the seventh day, if God rested, then that gives more of a reason that i should rest too. Hopefully I'll get in a good cry too. Well I'm out.


Anne Marie said...

man, i couldnt' agree more- a good cry makes you feel so much better! if you can't make it out to the woods, lol, then you should go for a drive with some good music and weep your little heart out :D and would it be such a bad thing if looking up at the sky became an addiction. i like to think not... hope to see you soon!

KristelFatima said...

Crying is the best. It's so cathartic. Sometimes people just need to let it all out...just don't become a basket case, lol. Crying too much could be a problem.
Well, I'm no expert on how to MAKE yourself cry...I think your mind and body will take over when it needs to. You know what I mean? Maybe I'm not making sense, lol.
I dunno...I hope you feel better soon.